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Prestige 787-VSS Vehicle Specific System Remote Starter and Car Alarm Kit

All VSS kits are QC tested, designed and assembled in the

1 Mile Range Vehicle Security and Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry System

When wanting to install the luxury of a remote starter into your vehicle and protect it against an attempted theft our vehicle specific ready VSS™ systems come complete with all the parts and information you'll need to install the system into your specific vehicle including a step-by-step system-to-vehicle installation manual that will guide you to getting the job done faster & easier!

Prestige 787Z-VSS Vehicle Security and Remote Starter Kit
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Order DIY Remote Starter Alarm Keyless Entry System

DIY How to Install Remote Car Starter Alarm Kit

Includes Two 5-Button SST (Spread Spectrum Technology) Long Range Remotes: 
Two 5-button remote's with Lock/Arm, Unlock/Disarm, Trunk/Remote Start Buttons. All the functions of the Prestige 787Z-VSS system can be remotely activated within 1 mile away from the vehicle. And with SST remotes they shift frequencies when used makes it impossible for a thief to copy and rebroadcast your transmitters code.

Pre-Heat/AC Activation:
Pre-setting your vehicle's heat settings prior to exiting your vehicle will enable you to pre-warm the interior and defrost the windshield when your vehicle is running via the remote starter. Same with the vehicle's AC, just pre-set the AC settings where you like it and it will pre-cool the interior on those hot days from it sitting in the sun.

Remote Keyless Entry: 
Remotely locks & unlocks all our vehicles doors at the same time you arm and disarm the alarm.

All Entrance Alarm Protection: 
The Prestige 787Z-VSS™ system monitors all vulnerable entrances to the vehicle and will instantly trigger the alarm immediately after one of the protected doors are opened.

Dual-Stage External Impact/Vibration Sensor: 
Adjustable sensor that can detect lite and heavy impacts made to the vehicle. External shock impact sensors eliminate the need to mount the systems main control module in a fixed-stationary position and allow's easier placement of the sensor so it can be reach easily under the driver's dash for quick adjustment's. Whenever the system is armed, any strong impact to the vehicle's exterior will cause the shock sensor to fully trigger the alarm. Any lesser impact will cause the pre-detect stage of the shock sensor to emit a few short series of warning tones from the siren or the vehicle's horn.

110dbl Siren or Vehicle's Horn Choice: 
Water-resistant 110dbl multi-tone siren to use as a sounding device for when the alarm is triggered. If the siren is not desired to use as a sounding device the vehicle's horn can be used instead. This option provides a quicker installation due to not having to run wires out under the hood for the siren and creates a more factory installed effect by utilizing the vehicles horn.

► Illuminated Entry: 
The system has the ability to automatically turn your vehicle's interior/dome lights on at the same time you unlock the doors with one of the systems remotes for 30 seconds. Feature offered during checkout.

► Ignition Controlled Door Locks Feature: 
Many newer vehicles on the road today have auto-locks which locks the vehicle's doors shortly after you begin to drive, if your vehicle is not equipped with this feature you can order this system to provide it. And it can be custom pre-configured for you in a few ways: Auto-lock with ignition ON only, Auto-unlock with ignition OFF or Auto-lock & unlock with ignition ON/OFF.

Lock/Unlock Confirmation w/Silent Choice:
One press of the lock or unlock button will silently just flash the vehicle's parking lights. A second press will beep the vehicle's horn for audible confirmation. Theres also a quick procedure where you can completely turn the audio confirmation off or on at any time.

Car Finder Feature: 
Locate your vehicle in crowded parking lots! Press and hold either the lock or unlock button for over 3 seconds will cause the system to pulse the vehicles horn and flash the vehicles parking lights for 30 seconds.

Extra Bright Dual Status LED's: 
Used for system status and as a theft deterrent, the LED's are built into the systems antenna which is mounted at the center top inside of the windshield. After the system is armed, the LED's will steadily flash every second indicating to would be thieves that the vehicle is equipped with an alarm system. Very noticable at night.

Power Trunk/Hatch Activation: 
Press & hold the remote's unlock button for over 3 seconds and it will activate your vehicles power trunk (or hatch) release circuit if your vehicle is equipped with a separate factory power trunk or hatch release push button.

Valet Mode: 
The system includes a valet mode where the alarm and remote start features of the system can be temporarily turned off. In valet mode, the remotes still control the vehicle's power door locks. Mainly used when servicing the vehicle or times when you'll be in and out of the vehicle when cleaning or washing the vehicle.

Parking Lights Flash Confirmation: 
Visual confirmation: The system will flash the vehicles parking lights when you lock/arm or unlock/disarm the doors and right after you activate the remote starter. After remote start activation it will turn the parking lights on solid shortly afterwards to confirm that the vehicle is running via the remote starter. It also steadily flashes the parking lights when the alarm is triggered.

2 Auxiliary Outputs:
​Pressing the #1 or #2 button on the remote will activate the systems AUX option output feature. This feature can be programmed for a wide range of functions, for example, activating external power window roll-up/down and sunroof control modules (not included)

Multiple Remotes Capability: 
The system can be programmed to work with one or two additional remotes for a total of up to 4 remotes at the same time (additional remotes sold separately (discounted remotes w/system purchase offered during checkout)

Safety 2-Press Remote Start Activation: 
The remote start button on the remote must be pressed 2X within 3 seconds to activate the remote starter, this setting helps in preventing any accidental activation that could occur with a single press activation setting. (the system can be changed to a 1 press starting if desired).

Quick-Stop Mode: 
A cool feature that allows you to keep the engine running without leaving the keys in the ignition. While the engine is still running with the keys, just press the remote start button on the remote 2X, and when you turn off the ignition and remove the keys to exit the vehicle, the engine will remain running for the duration of the current remote start run time (or you can press the button on the remote 2X again to shut it down sooner).

Multiple Remote Start Run Times Setting: 
The system will be set-up for you with whatever run time you want thats available: Your choices will be 5, 10, 15, 20, 45 or 60 minutes. You can order the system pre-set with any one of these times. 15 minutes is the industry standard.

Built-In Remote Start Run Time Extension Feature: 
The system has the ability to allow the you to extend the time the vehicle will be running while the vehicle is running under the control of the remote start. For example, if your system is set to run for 15 minutes and the time remaining is 4 minutes, extending the run time will reset the countdown timer back to 15 minutes and your vehicle will continue to run for another 15 minutes. And this is all done through the remote.

Safety Brake Pedal Shut-Down Input: 
Mandatory connection that will immediately shut down the remote starter system if the vehicle's brake pedal is stepped on before the key's are placed into the ignition and the ignition is turned on (a.k.a. "key-take-over feature).

Turbo Timer Mode: 
This option will keep the engine running to allow the vehicle’s turbo to properly cool down before shutting the engine off. The system has 3 turbo timer run times: 3, 5 and 10 minutes. Choice provided during checkout.

Diesel Engine Compatible with Adjustable Delay Crank Timer: 
Adjustable glow-plug warming delay settings for Diesel engines: The system will be pre-set for you with any of the 3 pre-set times you choose. Your choice of "wait-to-start" times are: 10, 15, or 20 seconds before crank to allow for proper glow-plug warming. You will be able to easily change this setting if need be after installation.

► "Smart-Tachless" Mode:
Designed to eliminate the need to run a wire out under the hood to connect to the vehicle's tachometer wire and then having to program the tach signal to the remote starter system: The smart-tachless mode monitors the vehicle's voltage levels, current and crank time during start to maintain a trouble-free remote starter activation. Applicable to newer and well maintained vehicle's with gas or hybrid engines only

► Prestige Security System Window Sticker:
Kit includes "Vehicle Protected w/Prestige Security System" window sticker

Vehicle Compatibility Guarantee: 
Over 500 Vehicle Specific Systems available: You will be asked to indicate the Year, Make and Model of vehicle the system will be installed into during ordering. If in the rare event that one of our technicians finds that the system is not available in our VSS platform for your specific vehicle, our technicians will immediately contact you via email, cancel the order and promptly refund your payment.

► DIY Step-by-Step, System-to-Vehicle Installation Guide: 
No sitting with a lap-full of spaghetti-wire and jumping from wiring chart to manual, trying to figure out what wires are needed (or not needed) to connect to your vehicle. Each VSS™ system includes a step-by-step vehicle specific installation manual that indicates exactly what wire from the system connects to what wire in the vehicle, where the wire is located in the vehicle, and how to confirm that you found the correct wire using the VSS™ kits supplied LED style test probe

► LED Style Test Probe:
Each of our VSS™ kits includes an easy to use LED style test probe to use along with the VSS kits step-by-step vehicle specific installation manual. This test probe simplifies the procedure of verifying each wire in your vehicle indicated in the step-by-step manual by lighting a green or red LED indicating the target wire's polarity

► Includes Vehicle Specific NKR ("No Key Required") Bypass Interface Kit: 
No need to give up one of your vehicles keys (or purchase a 3rd key) in order to install a remote car starter in your vehicle like with most other remote starter kits. The NKR bypass kit included with a VSS system only requires your vehicle's keys for programming, not operation, meaning you don't have to stick one of your keys in a box!

► Data Bypass/Interface Port: 
Dedicated input used when installing the included bypass interface kit required for most vehicles on the road today equipped with factory installed anti-theft systems. This Data port eliminates any wiring needed between the remote starter module and the bypass kit

► Includes Power Door Locks Interface:
No matter what type of power door lock circuit your vehicle is equipped with the system will include the needed component

► Includes Vehicle Specific Extras: 
Kit includes any needed relays w/harness (for example, for power trunk activation, 3rd Accessory etc.) and/or diodes, resistors, voltage inverters, etc. needed for your specific vehicle's installation

► Installation Connector Package: 
Each VSS system includes 3 different size's of quick-connect T-Tap connectors with male spade connectors pre-crimped to the ends of the systems wiring for making quick connections from the system to your vehicle's wiring. Also included are crimp cap connectors for connecting wires end-to-end and self-tapping screws with ground loop connectors for making chassis ground connections to the vehicle. Nylon zip ties are also supplied for securing wiring, control module and sensor placement

► Lifetime Technical Support: 
Have access to some of the best and most qualified technicians in the industry 7 days a week. Providing technical support since 2002, each member of our technical support staff has a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience installing alarms, keyless entry and remote car starter systems

► 3 Year Limited Warranty: will repair or replace any interior part of the system that's found to fail from manufacturer quality under normal every day use for a period of 3 years from date-of-delivery (1 year on remotes)

30 Day Return Policy: Any item purchased from can be returned for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding custom VSS kit orders) or exchange as long as the item is in the exact condition as it was received (sorry, no reimbursements on shipping rates) within 30 days from the date of delivery. Please contact a representative to make a Return Merchandise Authorization arrangement (RMA). Contact at 1-866-244-8004 or via email to

Installation Disclaimer: The components and information provided by represents the parts and information confirmed throughout the automotive aftermarket industry to successfully provide the features and functions of the device sold when properly installed, programmed, applied etc. does not guarantee, nor imply that "anyone" can perform any required application. Our vehicle specific services must be understood as “easier” to install due to the vehicle specific platform thats designed to significantly reduce the time, labor and additional parts and information needed to perform the work but should not be misconstrued as an “easy” or “no-brainer” “anyone-can-do-it” interpretation, presentation or product. We do not assume nor imply any persons ability to perform the required installation. No returns on applied electronic parts; technical support, warranty repair or replacement only. Returned VSS kits will be subject to a 10% vehicle specific system set-up labor service fee.

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