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Ultrasonic Glass Break Detector

Glass Break Detector for Car Alarms CAGBS by Audiovox

Alarm Your Vehicle's Glass!

Add an Extra Layer of Alarm Protection to your Vehicle
with the CAGBS Ultrasonic Glass Break Add-On Sensor for Aftermarket Alarm Systems

Ultrasonic Glass Break Detector Sensor
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Buy Car Alarm Glass Break Sensor

Alarm Your Vehicles Glass with a Glass Break Sensor
Ultrasonic Glass Break Sensor w/Extension Microphone

Add an Extra Layer of Alarm Protection to your Vehicle
with the CAGBS Ultrasonic Glass Break Add-On Sensor for Aftermarket Alarm Systems:

  • Ultrasonic Sensor:  Provides protection against entry to the vehicle by detecting only the higher frequency of sound that the attempt or actual breaking of glass makes. This design analyzes the frequency to eliminate false trigger conditions that a standard shock sensor would do if it was set sensitive enough to detect impacts made to the vehicle's glass, which a shock sensor is not meant for.

  • How it Works: For a good example, with the alarm set, if you slapped your hand against the driver's side window, the glass break detector wouldn't trigger the alarm, but if you took out your keys and slightly tapped or bounced them off the window, the alarm would instantly trigger. 

  • Single Stage Instant Trigger: The sensor is used to instantly trigger your system upon any glass breakage being detected.

  • Adjustable Sensitivity Levels: Can be accurately set to a more or less sensitive level that will coincide with the size of the vehicle.

  • Status LED: Built-in Red LED indicates sensor detection status. With the LED off the sensor is in stand-by. Red indicating instant trigger output is active. In sensor adjustment mode, this LED indicates the sensor's current sensitivity without triggering the alarm while adjusting and testing.

  • Exit/Arm Delay: Once the vehicle is exited and the doors are closed and after the alarm is armed, the sensor delays 30 seconds before protecting the set perimeter.

  • Compatible to the Majority of Aftermarket Alarm Systems: The CAGBS is made by Audiovox and the 3-pin/3-wire plug end meant to plug into specific Audiovox & Code Alarm systems can be cut off and directly wired to any installed aftermarket alarm system that is equipped with the required negative instant trigger input. We have installed and used these sensors on dozens of different aftermarket alarm systems from Viper to Bulldog systems.

  • Simple 3 Wire Hook-Up: Require's constant 12V power connection, Ground when armed output wire from your system and a negative instant alarm trigger input connection to your system.

  • Sensor Module Placement: For optimal coverage the sensor's module is mounted under the driver's side dash, and the microphone is mounted to the lower center of the vehicle. Microphone cannot be mounted behind carpeting, foam, insulation and any forms of plastic or metal.

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Universal Installation Manual
  • Installation Technical Support
  • Compatible to Aftermarket Alarm Systems Only: The sensor will not trigger OEM/Factory installed alarm systems.
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