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All testimonials posted below are genuine reviews received from customer's via email over the last 20 years!



  • 11-24-2023: "No more cold truck for me ! Derek in tech support is a cool dude and you can easily get help if needed." (Installed the1995-2004 TOYOTA TACOMA & PreRunner Remote Starter w/Remote Keyless Entry system)
  • 11-18-2023: " Worked perfectly! Instructions were very clear. FOBS are very nice and light weight. Hardly adds any weight to the key chain. Would highly recommend this seller to anyone looking for a replacement key FOB. (Purchased 1 NEW Code Alarm CATX4 Replacement Remote Transmitter FCC ID H5OT49)
  • 11-14-2023: "Best tech support ever! Derek is very, very patient. We bought a used Hummer with a CodeAlarm remote start and couldn't get it to work even though everything was there. Derek went out of his way with his assistance, he even stayed on the phone with us and walked us through each step of the re-set process. We are super excited to be able to finally use the remote start." Thank you so much Derek - your knowledge is off the charts! A+++++++++++++ The Devito's - in Staten Island, NY.
  • 11-12-2023: "This is the easiest install I have ever done, my wife is so happy to have this working again even with a check engine light on, it's too bad you don't have this plug and play for everything out there. I will definitely be getting more and telling my friends." (Installed a CH4-VSS P&P Remote Starter System into a 2009 Jeep Commander)
  • 10-16-2023: "Very well designed and detailed instructions, will be back for the next project." (Installed a 57TM-GM10 Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry System into a 2010 Chevrolet Express Van)
  • 09-29-2023: "Thank you for all of the tech support phone calls leading up to this purchase. You guys had more knowledge than the shop that did the install!"  (Ordered a Prestige 18LCDSP 2-Way Replacement Remote)
  • 09-03-2023: ..."Installed my 183BPR system into my 2005 F250 Diesel this weekend and it went in without a glitch. Just had to send your guys a thank you. I called tech support with a couple of dum questions before installing and the tech was really friendly and courteous and he even said "there's no such thing as a dum question" when installing remote car starters! I will be ordering another before winter my brother-in-law wants me to install one into his 2007..."
  • 08-17-2023: "Received my replacement remote and it programmed as easily as indicated in the instructions! Going to order a second one. Thank you! The Dealer wanted the cost of 2 remotes just to program one!
  • 08-12-2023: " Instructions were very clear and precise. After all my wiring was done, it worked first try, with no issues. Great product so far, good communication from support over install instructions, happy i bought it, no disappointments here. THANKS (Installed a 57TM-VSS into a 2006-2007 Ford Super-Duty DIESEL Remote Starter Kit with Remote Keyless Entry System).
  • 06-17-2023: "Derek and Dan are awesome they sent me the remote I needed and it programmed as easy as they said it would. I am going to get a second one for a backup next payday."
  • 05-08-2023: "THANKYOU! EZ install on my Tacoma 2002! Took about 2 hours. Great instructions!"
    (Installed the1995-2004 TOYOTA TACOMA & PreRunner 183BPR-VSS Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry Kit).
  • 05-02-2023: "Top Rated Seller: One of eBay's most reputable sellers. Consistently delivers outstanding customer service".
  • 04-30-2023: "So impressed with the service the first time, I bought another". (Code Alarm CATX50 Replacement Remote Transmitter FCC ID H5OT43).
  • 04-24-2023: "HI. This is for a Pursuit 143BPR replacement remote. I received the unit when it was promised.  The quality of the fob and the installation/configuration instructions was impressive.  I was concerned that the age of the system (8-10 years) would present a pairing problem  But in less than 15 seconds on the first attempt the fob paired to the vehicle and worked perfectly. Thanks, Mike Magee".
  • 03-13-2023: "Thank you for your guys that helped me with my system. It is working now. I forgot the guys name who helped me with my problem but the issue was I had a bad crimp on the tachometer wire which is where my problem was. I made a better connection and did the programming again and it worked perfectly afterward. Thank you guys for your product and help. Miguel O. (Installed our 1995 thru 2004 Toyota Tacoma Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry System).
  • 03-10-2023: "The instructions are very clear and precise. After all wiring was done, worked first try, no issues, great product so far, good communication from tech support over install instructions, happy i bought it, no disappointments here. THANKS." (Installed 2006 Ford Super-Duty DIESEL Remote Starter with Remote Keyless Entry Kit).
  • 03-04-2023: "Easy installation, works flawlessly. The installation was easy. I was glad to have the detailed instructions to make everything easy. I haven't had any issues with it so far and have been using it for a week. I did have to add the tachometer wire connection because my truck is older and was not always starting right but after I added that it starts every time with no problems." (Installed our 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry system kit).
  • 02-21-2023: "The same exact remote I got before from the dealership. I’ve been looking all around and could not find elsewhere anymore. My old remote was broken and missing the screw and I needed to replace the whole remote. Very fortunate to have found this company! Comes with everything you need including programming instructions and even batteries! On my way to buy another now!" (Purchased a Code Alarm CAT4P)
  • 02-18-2023: "All's good just wanted to email you guys a testimony that your install manuals are great and that the system does come with all parts and information you need to install the system and I really liked how the wiring harness was all nice and neat pre-harnessed up and bound in that really good quality cloth type electrical tape with the bonus of having the connectors already crimped to the end of the wires. I will highly recommend your company's services. Thank you and TC." (Installed a 183BPR Remote Starter with Keyless Entry into a 2007 Ford Super-Duty Diesel).
  • 01-26-2023: "Best price, and Exactly what I ordered. A++. I would definitely order from them again. Great people to deal with. I call with questions and was so happy I bought through them. Customer service is awesome. (Installed a 901TM-VSS Remote Starter Kit into a 2001 Ford Super-Duty Diesel).
  • 01-21-2023: "Just installed remote starter in a 2009 Toyota Matrix, this is my 3rd remote starter from Motorcity Remotes and would not even think of using anything else. Derek is the man he bailed me out a few times and even emailed me to see how everything was going. Thank You again Derek."
  • 01-20-2023: "Dead on install guide! Was remote starting my truck in under an hour and a half. This system has really good range to! Very happy with my purchase, thanks."  (Installed a 901TM-VSS remote starter system into a 2007 Ford F-250 Gas)
  • 01-14-2023: "Quality product! Will buy from again!" (Installed a 57TM-VSS remote starter with keyless entry system into a 2005 Ford Super-Duty DIESEL)
  • 01-12-2023: "Fast shipping, the instructions made the installation easy." (Installed a 57TM-VSS Remote Starter w/Remote Keyless Entry System into a 2003 TOYOTA TACOMA ).
  • 01-09-2023: "MotorCityRemotes is a top-rated seller: One of eBay's most reputable sellers. Consistently delivers outstanding customer service. A member since May-14-16"
  • 01-02-2023: "Great instructions I literally installed it in under 20 min, I highly recommend for under $200.00 you can't go wrong." ( Installed the quick-connect remote starter for 2007 thru 2013 GMC SIERRA GAS or DIESEL). LINK to system click HERE.
  • 12-27-2022: "Great system instructions were spot on and easy to follow. Love having a remote starter on my old 2004 Tacoma. Will recommend and will be getting another for my brothers Ford F-250 soon". Brian (Installed a 183BPR-VSS system)
  • 12-20-2022: "Great product good value shipped quickly easy to program, thank you. (Purchased a Code Alarm Remote FCC ID GOH-FRDPC2002)
  • 12-10-2022: "I wanted to thank you so much for your quick response to my question and fantastic, quick delivery of my remote fobs. The instructions were very easy and I had both of my new remotes programmed in minutes. I will definitely do business with Motor City Remotes again and will highly recommend you to my friends!! Thank you again, Heidi"
  • 12-04-2022: "100% Thanks! Derrick is the man to talk to if you have a used car with a older code alarm system in it. Every place I took my my car to said I needed a complete new system because code alarm doesnt make my system any more...some even said code alarm has been out of business for 10 years! Derrick set me up with a new remote with programming instructions and told me Code Alarm is still going strong and has been for over 40 years! May order another remote for a backup." (Bobby T. Ordered a Code Alarm CRCX3)
  • 10-30-2022: "Great systems, installed 2 without a glitch! Exact wire to wire installation manual written in easy to follow steps. Highly recommend for any Ford Pickups."  James in New Jersey. (Installed a 57TM-VSS into a 2007 Ford F150 and 2003 F250 Diesel) Link to system:
  • 10-23-2022: "Just wanted to thank you guys and send you a testimonial to post. I bought a used vehicle with a 10 year old Code Alarm system in it and the tech at knew all about the system. He set me up with a new remote and how to program the remote myself and then I still had a few issues with the remote starter feature of the system and they helped me over the phone to make a re-programming adjustment and bam it started right up, now I have a remote starter with remote door lock and unlock. Great customer service, thank you".  Ron D.
  • 08-21-2022: "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I ordered the Pursuit 143BPR remote for my remote starter system from you guys as the tech on the phone instructed me and just wanted to let you know that I got it programmed easy following your instructions and I am going to order another one for a backup this week. Your company has great phone support and easy online ordering service." Thanks again, Laura T.
  • 07-29-2022: "This is a testimonial about Derek, make sure he see's it please! I programmed the remote just like he said I could and "wah lah" it was programmed! I ordered over the phone and it's refreshing to finally have someone to talk to over the phone that knows all about the remote starter I have in my car, he answered all of my questions I had about how the system works, and I didn't even know I had a quick stop feature! I bought the car used. Anyways, Hope your company posts this, as I highly recommend your company to eveyone." Thank you, Dr. Stephanie H.
  • 07-23-2022: "Heres a post regarding your tech guys: Ordered a flashlogic GM10-VSS system from Motorcityremotes almost 2 years ago and it worked great until I replaced my alternator...then no response at all from the system! I called tech support and they said no matter what brand or model of remote starter system you have on a vehicle its a 50/50 chance that when any electrical work is done to a vehicle it could knock the remote starter out of programming. The tech walked me through a quick reprogramming procedure and bam my vehicle was remote starting again! Just wanted to say thank you for the quick fix and you guys really stand by your product and customers even after almost 2 years. I will highly recommend you to any of my fellow mechanic buds and will order other systems for any new vehicles I get in the future. Thanks.  Jay
  • 05-22-2022: "Thank you for your prompt service, easy to program with instructions, fobs worked and husband is happy!"  (Ordered two CRCX3 GOH-MM6-101890 Remotes).
  • 04-17-2022: "Thanks guys, great tech support, I was in a jam and contacted all 3 tech support sources at the same time, sorry, Email first then called and left a message, and then live chat...Dan took care of me on the chat then Derrick called me back 10 minutes later and Jake emailed me back about 30 minutes later! Sorry for bombarding you guys, you guys are on the ball! Thanks again and I will get that next 57 for my diesel soon."  Jose R. (Installed a 57TM-VSS into a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic)
  • 04-09-2022: "I purchased a new remote button CAT1 for my Lincoln MKX and it came right away in the mail with the programming instructions attached to it. In just a very few minutes I had it programmed and working perfectly. How awesome! The last time I bought the button on an auction site used, and paid a shop $75.00 to program my button. They stated it took 45 mins to do and that they had to get under the hood and.....yada yada yada and already I had to buy a new button not hardly a year later. I HAD A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY AND I WILL RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Thanks Derek! Thanks,!"  Sent by Jeannette R.
  • 03-17-2022: "Just wanted to reach out to say how satisfied I am with your business. I received my replacement remote quickly and was able to program it with ease. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone I know having issues with their remotes. Thank you!"
  • 01-21-2022: " Hello, I'm usually not one to take the time to write a customer testimony but my experience with purchasing and installing the remote start for my 2012 F250 Diesel exceeded my expectations. My truck has a factory remote start but the range was not enough. I have to park about 1/4 mile away from where I work and the factory range was maybe only 150-200 feet. So on cold mornings, I would have to sit in my truck for over 10 minutes waiting for it to warm up. I started researching remote starts online and found out real quick that it may not be an easy install because of the built-in anti-theft system and chipped ignition keys. Then I came across Motor City Remotes. After looking at everything on their website I thought this is great but seemed too good to be true but I went ahead and ordered the Prestige APSRS-1BZTW Remote Start. I have to say everything was great and exactly as described on their website. They set the Remote startup for my exact vehicle with excellent installation instructions. I am super happy with the whole process. The remote works great. No more sitting in the vehicle waiting for it to warm up. Truly a great experience." Thanks, Lynn
  • 12-29-2021: "Derek, thanks for all your and Dan's support with my dumb questions. All's working great and the wife loves it. Her only complaint was why I didn't put this on 3 years ago! Thanks again and you'll see that I just ordered another one yesterday for my old F250 diesel, so be ready for some more dumb questions (thanks for the 10 dollars off coupon code). Have a happy new year. (Installed a 57-VSS remote starter into a 2015 Ford Explorer)
  • 12-10-2021: "Your sales rep was very informative and provided all the details I was looking for. Great system, took longer to take the dash panels off than it was to install the system. Happy new year." (Installed a GM10 remote starter kit into a 2016 Chevrolet Traverse)
  • 11-24-2021: "5 stars! Absolutely the best tech support anyone could imagine! I made some simple mistakes during my installation and after calling and talking to your tech support it was like talking to a friend or neighbor who specialized in what I was doing and he fixed me up and I was remote starting my vehicle within 10 minutes. Definitely a custom shop with rare out-of-the-ordinary customer service."  Dan P. (Installed a 183BPR System into a 2005 F-250 Diesel. Link: 183BPR)
  • 10-10-2021: "Received my remote and the help I received by one of your techs on the phone (I think it was Derrick) walked me through the programming while I was in my car and we got it working within 2 minutes! Great customer support and replacement remote. Thank you and I will be purchasing another for a backup." 
  • 09-20-2021: "The install went smooth the step-by-step manual with color photos made it easy to follow and understand what connections that you need to make. Finally, a manual written in America intended for the do-it-yourselfer! It definitely made all the difference. Highly recommend these kits" Jay in N.J. (Installed a 3Z-VSS into a 2005 F-350 Diesel).
  • 09-12-2021: "Perfect system, spot-on installation manual guys, just what I was looking for". (Installed a 183BPR into a 2007 Ford F-250 Diesel).
  • 09-05-2021: "Easy straightforward instructions. Nothing to question about (can't miss with the color photos in the manual). Will purchase again soon. Thanks, Tom. (Installed a 57-VSS into a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500).
  • 08-27-2021: "GREAT PRODUCT!!! THANKS A MILLION , I installed in literally 8 min! My neighbor was impressed so I told him I would inquire about his 2008 f350 Powerstroke. Do you make a similar plug-and-play remote start?" (Installed a GM10 into a 2013 GMC Sierra Diesel).
  • 06-21-2021: "The DIY vehicle-specific setup made it an easy install and works great. No call to tech support needed!" Aaron F. (Installed a 1Z-VSS remote starter into a 2010 F-150)
  • 06-13-2021: "Awesome set of speakers! Never had a set of DB Drive speakers before. Installed them last weekend in the rear deck of my Classic 1972 Camaro Z28 running 200W RMS from a 4-channel Xpert EX4 Class D amp. Very clear mid-range with some punch and am impressed with how the built-in tweeters still cut through clearly. I Will be considering getting some more DB Drive components for sure in the the way, thanks for the fast shipping, received them in less than a week. TC will be doing business again soon."  Jerry in Chicago IL. (Installed a set of WDX69MOTO 6X9's)
  • 05-25-2021: "I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the system I purchased for my truck (2LEDZ-VSS on a 2006 F350 Diesel). It was an easy install, anyone can install these systems with the amount of info and pictures on them to show where to look for the wires. The other plus is that the technical support was one of the best I have ever had, Derek was patient with me and great to talk to. My truck is sensitive that we had to tweak the system to make it work on my truck. We got thru it, Thank you Derek. For the money you spend on the system is worth it in my opinion. I would highly recommend this to anyone out there looking for a remote start." Dwayne, in Corona, CA
  • 05-15-2021: "I clicked on a link to your guys' website from a Ford pickup forum that had several F250 diesel owners that said they purchased a remote starter system here and the techs there know their stuff if you need any tech support. Well, I only had one question about changing the run time because 15 minutes is really not long enough to warm a diesel when its freezing outside. I ordered it with the 15 minutes run time but within an hour I had step-by-step instructions emailed to me and it was easy to change. I will highly recommend you guys on the same forum and have told friends about your site."  Great company.  (Steve V. Installed a APSRS-LCDZ into a 2008 F250 Diesel).
  • 04-01-2021: "They have awesome customer service and tech support, would definitely buy from them again, they go above and beyond to make sure everything is right! Thank you so much." James Phillips. (Installed a 57Z-VSS into a 2006 Silverado 1500).
  • 02-21-2021: "Thank you for all the help your tech support provided. They figured out what was going wrong with my old system and why I couldn't get my new remote to program. All's good and don't have to purchase a whole new system! Thanks again."  Ron D.
  • 12-06-2020: "Their customer service is great. Contacted me after the sale to verify order information. Quick responses to all of my emails. Definitely would and will do business with them again." Richard F. 
  • 05-08-2020: "Very Pleased! Really hard to put into words how pleased I actually am. I have installed hundreds of remote starts, keyless entries, and alarms over the years, and BY FAR... Going through motor city remotes was the best experience. The system came packaged very well, instructions were EXTREMELY easy to understand and follow, so much so my 16-year-old son that has zero tech experience was able to do most of the install completely by himself. The other OUTSTANDING thing is that they stand behind their product, and are always there to help over the phone or through e-mail with any questions day or night. Their tech support is great - very knowledgeable."  Mike. (Installed a 57Z-VSS into a 2002 Chevy Avalanche)
  • 03-28-2020: "Great system, fast shipping, thanks!" (Installed Plug-n-Play Remote Start System for 2015-2017 Ford Expedition)
  • 03-24-2020: "I just wanted to let you know how easy it was to program the remotes I just purchased. I am a senior and had no problem at all. Wish I came here sooner!" M. Justice (Purchased two CAT4P replacement remotes).
  • 02-10-2020: "Perfect present for my wife (and me), now I don't have to go out and start her car on cold mornings. Thanks Derrick you were right! Going to put one on my truck, will call you soon". TC.
  • 12-07-2019: "Simply amazing system, easy to install and the customer service is great. Works like OEM." (installed 2011-2014 Ford F-150 Plug and Play Remote Starter Kit).
  • 12-06-2019: "I'm am seriously impressed with the quality of your kit, especially the instructions. They just might be the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions I've ever received in my entire life. For real. I will be completing the install today and will leave a review on your site as soon as I'm finished. Thank you very much, Jeff. (Installed 1Z-VSS into a 2009 F450 Diesel)
  • 12-04-2019: "Simply amazing system, easy to install and the customer service is great. Works like OEM." (Installed 2011-2014 Ford F-150 Remote Starter)
  • 11-25-2019: "I am a returning customer because of your company's awesome service and knowledge, support, and great attitude. Also, cause you guys helped me with a previous order on a Sunday. I was blown away by that. Thank you and happy holidays."  Victor A.
  • 10-17-2019: "Hi Derek, Thanks again for your help on the phone the other night. The remote starter is working well, and I’m really impressed with the range of the remote! Mike P. (Installed a 57Z into a 1998 Chevrolet S-10)
  • 04-24-2019: "Great company with exceptional customer service. I highly recommend this company and will definitely do business with them again in the future!"  D.B. Installed a Prestige 787Z into 2007 F250 Diesel
  • 04-21-2019: "Today I installed a remote start system in my '06 F150 4x4 and installed it in about 3 hours' time. For less than $200.00 and $3.49 shipping you can't go wrong. Outstanding step-by-step instructions with photos and the system is made vehicle-specific, which in my opinion is priceless." 
  • 03-15-2019: "I have been looking to install a remote start in both my vehicles. I have a 2003 Ford F-150 pretty much available anywhere. However my 2009 Lexus IS 350 not so much, I called local dealers, online retailers all saying a very difficult install there would not recommend doing yourself. I have been in automotive for over 30 yrs Master tech. Then I found Motor city remotes and talked to Derek. He is great! He knows the remote start system. He highly recommends going with one button 2-way LED up to a mile and recommends going with a 2-way 5 button led over a mile for my Ford. We just got these in he said. Anyways to sum it up, great experience all the way to the install and beyond. Both systems work flawlessly, couldn’t be happier and the led confirmation that your vehicle ð??? is started and running is great. Once again great job Derek and thanks for convincing me spending the extra money for the 2-way systems is the way to go. Highly recommend using these guys."
  • 03-08-2019: "Jake here's a testimonial" "Bought a plug&play from these guys a few years ago for my wife's 2015 Grand Caravan for her Birthday and it was not only a gift that kept me out of the doghouse (long story) it was a breeze to install. Had it in under an hour. Took longer to take the dash panel down than it was to put the system in. Then I just bought a VSS direct-connect system for my old 2004 F150 because there wasn't a plug and play system available and it was easy, you have to make each connection to each wire in the vehicle but the kit comes with T-Taps with spade connectors already on the wires so all you have to do is plug it into each wire and you test each wire to make sure it's the right wire with the test probe that's in with the kit. The installation manual was excellent it was all step by step. These guys provide the best non-plug and play systems you will find. Big plus, before you buy a vehicle-specific system from a company try to call their tech support first before you buy! Conner
  • 02-05-2019: "I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the system I purchased for my truck (2LEDZ-VSS on a 2006 F350 Diesel). It was an easy install, anyone can install these systems with the amount of info and pictures on them to show where to look for the wires. The other plus is that the technical support was one of the best I have ever had, Derek was patient with me and great to talk to. My truck is sensitive that we had to tweak the system to make it work on my truck. We got thru it, Thank you, Derek. For the money you spend on the system is worth it in my opinion. I would highly recommend this to anyone out there looking for a remote start." Dwayne in Corona, CA

  • 01-20-2019: "Just wanted to say thanks, man! Got it working great! Hands down any system that I need or a friend needs will definitely be sent your way! Never received such good customer service from a company in my life!"  Casey P. (Installed a 2LEDZ-VSS into a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic 2500HD Diesel)
  • 01-12-2019: "Spoke to Jake on the chat and he said just email the testimonial, so here it is BEST DIY remote starter system ever! This was my first VSS system from MCR but 3rd I have installed in the past and there's no comparison. I was hesitant to order because of the online claim that the system comes with everything you need and I have always had to buy an additional part with the last two systems I got but truly you can take a VSS kit right out and have everything you need. I talked to Jake online before ordering and asked why you needed to know if my truck had factory remotes or not and he said because if it didn't it would need an additional relay pack that would be included with the kit which is not needed if the truck has remotes and I received the adaptor I needed with the kit because my truck didn't have remote keyless entry. Lastly, these guys know their Ford trucks and tech support were there on a Sunday when I was doing the install. (By James R. in McAllen, TX Installed a 57Z-VSS kit into a 2006 F250 Diesel)
  • 01-03-2019: "Just had to email you guys over at motorcityremotes for a customer testimonial for you guys to post. First, great kit with everything you need, and the installation guide IS a no-brainer. I have installed Bulldog, MPC, and Readystart and with Bulldog, I needed extra parts which come to find out the system didn't have a data port with no tech support, the system from mpc was ok but the installation manual needed to be downloaded which was no big deal but when I called for tech support to clarify a few things all I got was a phone number that just kept ringing, not even an answering machine! And Readystart tech support seems to be only by email. Now with motorcityremotes when I called they answered, no BS the tech seemed more enthusiastic about me installing my kit than I was. Like talking to a friend that installs remote starters for a living. LSS all I need to say is if your the DIY type that works on your car like I do and want a remote starter and alarm system on your vehicle call and talk to the guys at they will set you up! Shout out to Derrick and Jake! Steve (Installed a 997-VSS into a 2010 F250)
  • 12-06-2018: "I just wanted to say that I’m very happy with your remote start system, the easy to follow instructions that came with it, and the EXCELLENT support when I called in to ask a question. I originally tried to install a competitor's system but had issues getting it to work, then the support was terrible so I returned it. I will definitely order from you again! Thank you!" Steven in Minnesota (Installed 2LEDZ-VSS into a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe)
  • 12-01-2018: "Call out to Jake! Thank you, buddy, those quick reset steps you emailed me worked perfectly!! I had no problems with the system in 4 years until I had a new trans put in then after that it would only start and stall. Now it's starting again every time". Thanks and when this truck finally dies I will be calling you for another system". TC Nelson
  • 11-27-2018: "Wanted to email you guys, talked to Jake on the live chat and to Derek Webber on the phone this is the 4th system I have bought from you guys in the last 3 years (btw thanks to Jake for the discount code he gave me for 10% off the 4th system) 2 of the systems were for a friend and my mom. The 4th was for my 2015 Ford F250 diesel. Your guys' systems are the best, I have installed another kit from another company that a friend had that was supposed to be vehicle specific but in a way compared to your VSS line wasn't it was just a Crimestopper brand system with multiple applications for the same kit that required me to go to the website to download my installation manual. With your systems, I like that I can go right to my vehicle (with the tools I need) and install the system. LSS...I am a dedicated when I call it's cool that you guys know me! Matt
  • 11-18-2018: "Everything installed great, very easy and I'm happy with the system." (Installed FLRSGM10 with PE2LCDZ remote upgrade kit on a 2012 GMC Sierra)
  • 09-10-2018: "This company is top-notch! As an installer of remote starter systems, I have used them as my supplier for many years. The quick shipping of units and the 7 days a week tech support is very convenient (you won't find this anywhere else). The units arrive with the wires you need to get it working and no others, a step-by-step manual with wire color codes, a test light for verifying the proper wire, all the connectors you will need, and all the help you will need is a phone call away. Any DIY person would find this to be one of the easiest systems out there to install. They back their products up longer than any other company I've bought from before. I will not purchase from another company. They are always checking to ensure they are selling a quality product for the newest of vehicles while always supporting older vehicles as well. For the quality, support, and price, you will not find a better deal anywhere." Brian K.
  • 07-02-2018: "Cannot believe that their tech walked my Son through the installation on a Sunday! Everything works perfectly. Would definitely recommend this company." T. Wood
  • 05-30-2018: "Great company, great employees, easy DIY project, have now ordered 2 of these and beyond empressed".

  • 05-29-2018: "Reaching out to tell you I'm a happy customer. Top-notch service. Got my new remote programmed and it works great:))))) Thank you!"
  • 05-15-2018: "Products and tech service if needed are phenomenal at MotorCityRemotes. People, there are very knowledgeable about their products and can help you over the phone even with what you may think is a difficult problem, thanks MotorCityRemotes"  G. Alvarado
  • 04-25-2018: "Tech was awesome! Install was on a 06 ford fusion. Had a little confusion on the flash module because of mid Year changes in the pats system. But Derrick had figured out quickly. The service was great. Doing another one on a dodge avenger. Derrick is a GREAT tech to work with. I highly recommend this product to anyone. And easy to install. Thanks again Derrick". Grumpy
  • 01-14-2018: "Sincere shout out to Derek & Bob! A few weeks ago you guys helped me get an old code alarm system going that was in a used Ford Focus I bought for my Daughter that was going away to school. I called around and no one was familiar with older systems and just wanted me to buy a new system for $400.00 bucks. I spoke to Bob and he set me up with a new remote with instructions where I could program the remote myself. I got the remote programmed but it would only lock and unlock the doors and not remote start so I called in and Bob had me talk to Derek, and he walked me through some "tweaks and settings" (that's what he called it) that I had no idea what I was doing but within 15 minutes her car was remote starting. The remote cost me $45.00, the service they provided me was worth 3 times as much, now I know why this company is so busy! Thank you, guys!
  • 10-27-2017: "Received and installed, Works great!" Murray J. (Installed a 901-VSS into a 2002 F-150)
  • 09-18-2017: "The ordering was simple. I live across the country and still got it in under a week. The instructions are so detailed and in layman's terms that my girlfriend said she could install it. It took me less than 2 hours and my truck was remotely starting. It started making an over-start noise so I called support and talk to a man named Derick Weber. I was never put on hold and it felt like I was talking to a friend. I would recommend this company to anyone trying to install their own alarm system." Scott S. (Installed a 57-VSS into a 1997 Toyota 4Runner)
  • "08-07-2017: Spoke to Derek over the phone to place my order for remote (Honda 1994 Accord with Chapman alarm) I greatly appreciated the help in processing the order the same day and it was shipped the same day. I did receive the remote along with instructions. It took me less than a minute to get it ready for use. Your customer service is top-notch. My car mechanic needed a couple of remotes so I had provided him the link to your website. My many thanks to you. Surendra in Reno" 
  • 07-20-2017: "If you're looking for a grade A DIY remote for your vehicle, you'd be wasting your time to look elsewhere, don't need to look any further. Awesome service and technical support. The kit arrived in 2 days, instructions were very detailed, and precise telephone technical support walk through any missed instructions. I will be happy to recommend Code Alarms to everyone in the future." Don Fisher
  • 07-09-2017: "The remote start I ordered from them worked flawlessly. I have a 2007 f150 and the instructions were extraordinarily detailed. If you follow the instructions there is no way you can mess any wiring up. Instructions included pictures and ways to test your connection before you actually connect to the module. Absolutely awesome experience. Derrick was the technician who helped me when I accidentally pressed a button wrong (easy fix he told me to unplug it and plug it back in). He was extremely helpful and had a great personality. I could have talked to him about anything and he would have kept the conversation going. Hands down best customer service I have received from anything online. I called and got a real person in two seconds (on a Sunday). He knew exactly what every wire looked like for my vehicle off the top of his head. Genius man. I will recommend this for anyone looking for a remote start. I can't believe how smooth this process went with code alarm." Chris.
  • 06-23-2017: "Thank you!! Your customer service was awesome!" Sincerely, Brock C.
  • "Thank you guys for expert help with the CA5554 I purchased from Crutchfield when their techs weren't in yet last Saturday morning when I called. Your techs are awesome and told us tons of stuff to get the system up and working faster than what the manuals indicated. We probably would have had to call Crutchfield 5X to get the info your techs provided in 1 call. Now I see I could have all that info included with the system and for $90.00 cheaper if only I would have bought the VSS version from you guys instead, sorry about that, didn't know and will purchase from you guys next time for sure! Thanks again, systems working perfectly and very happy with it."
  • 02-20-2017: "Shout out to Jake, the system installed just like you said, got it done within 2 hours! And like you also said I probably wouldn't have to call for tech support and didn't! The manual was dead on and had color pics of every wire I had to connect to, no brainer, lol. I Will recommend it to other Ford Ranger owner's that I know and I know many. Thanks again, Randy (Installed a Code Alarm CA5054-VSS into a 2008 Ford Ranger)
  • "Honestly, if you can't get one of the systems from installed, you probably won't get any system installed. The vehicle specific set-up cuts half the installation time and the step-by-step guide eliminates all the guesswork." T.C. Austin, TX.
  • "Just emailing you guys a note to thank you for the great service. The CA5054-VSS system installed flawlessly on my 06 Sierra. The installation instructions were exact and programmed easily. I highly recommend your systems and service! Chuck R.
  • 02-09-2017: "I have to shout out to everyone that I have never received better customer service ever than I have with Code Alarm! I had a Code Alarm system installed about 10 years ago. My fob broke last year. The installer is no longer in business and I didn't know where to go. I stopped in at many local car starter businesses in town (5 to be exact), who all informed me that Code Alarm was no longer in business, and also would not even help me.  With that being said, I didn't google them. I finally started searching on the internet and came across Code Alarm and Derek! Derek has been the most pleasant, most helpful, most knowledgeable person to work with. He worked with me step by step, retuned my phone calls, followed through on everything he told me he said he would do!  And car STARTED AGAIN with my remote after a year without! (Keep in mind, I live in Wisconsin, It's COLD!) Derek gets a HIGH FIVE!! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Derek! You just have no idea how happy you made me today!! Code Alarm, you have my business for life!" Best regards, Diana D. (Purchased replacement remote CATX1B)
  • 01-28-2017: "Just to let you know all of you at are the BEST customer service. I really truly appreciated a lot for all this time helping me. Most people after you buy something would never want to talk to you but you guys are awesome very responsive and top-notch...thank you so much again ...P.S. please tell the other guys there that I said this."  Mike N. (Installed 2 x CA6554'-VSS's into a 2014 Toyota Tundra & 2012 Scion iQ)
  • 02-06-2016: "I just had a Code System put in my car and the service department of my dealership was unable to get it to perform properly.  I contacted Derrick from customer service and was pleasantly assisted in trying to figure out what might have been wrong. He took his time with me, even though the purchase was done from the dealership. He gave me the information that he thought was needed to solve my situation. Upon taking this information to the dealership, they had more questions, to which, I called Derrick and he was ever so kind to talk with them to try and derive a solution. It's been a long time, since I've had such great customer service. Thank you for being there for me! Sincerely, Leslie F.
  • 02-04-2016: "Derek, thank you for all your help. It is great to work with people that know their product and their system. I found my pushbutton for my unit. It was exactly where you said. Again thank you. Tell your boss to give you a raise for excellent customer support" Pete F.
  • "I have delt with Derek and his crew now for several years and I can guarantee that you will not find better support from any company for anything Code Alarm related. These guys know about the systems I come across at my used car lot that was installed over 10 years ago! I send all my customers needing code alarm and Chapman remotes to them and even have them on my speed-dial!" Michael P. - Porter & Sons Automotive
  • "Just a note of appreciation for the quick turnaround on my remote start kit order and a big thank you for the tech support when I ran into trouble with the install. Jake was really on top of walking me through troubleshooting, isolating the issue, and solving the problem. Response time is first class." Thank you. Ed 
  • ""Mr. Weber is the ABSOLUTE BEST !!! I purchased a new remote button for my Lincoln MKX and it came right away in the mail with the programming instructions attached to it. In just a very few minutes I had it programmed and working perfectly from inside my home to my car in my unattached garage. How awesome! The last time I bought the button on an auction site used, and paid a shop $75.00 to program my button. They stated it took 45 mins to do and that they had to get under the hood and.....yada yada yada and already I had to buy a new button not hardly a year later. I HAD A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY AND I WILL RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Thanks, Derek! Thanks,!"  Posted by Jeannette R.
  • "This company is awesome! I purchased a remote for my ca-420 system and when I got the remote I went to program it and couldn't find the systems programming button so I called tech support and come to find out my system didn't have one like it was supposed to and tech support sent me out the plugin programming button NO CHARGE! The best support you can get" Jason.
  • "I just wanted to write you back saying I received my replacement remote today and I am very pleased. The directions to program the remote were very easy to understand and I am very happy I can now use my existing alarm system and did not have to buy a new one with having just a bad remote" Thanks again, Ryan K. 12-06-16
  • "Very nice set-up, dead-on accurate installation manual with photos! Had the system installed in less than 2 hours. No additional part needed or questions unanswered. Highly recommend to all." Thanks, Bob! John E. 11-14-16 (Installed CA5054-VSS into a 2006 Silverado 1500)
  • "Hi, Derek. I just wanted to send a quick note as a customer to let you know about an experience I had this afternoon with on of your Technical Assistance folks.  His name was Bob and we had a dialogue through the chat feature.  I have been troubleshooting my CA510A remote start that I recently lost the remote for.  I could not locate the programming switch and finally figured out that there was not one installed on the unit. He helped me navigate your website and get the proper part ordered.  He handled himself very well and was very professional and treated me as if I was a long-term customer. As I told him, good customer service is a lost art in the business world.  Glad to see that it is alive and with your company.  Kudo’s to Bob". Mark G. from Bloomington, IL (10-21-16)

  • "Very happy with this set-up, the step by step installation manual along with that cool little test light made the installation go without a problem. I'll highly recommend your systems".

  • "Just wanted to let you guys know everything installed without a glitch. Highly recommend your set-ups and will be getting one more before winter hits for my brother's truck. Thx" Steve J. 09-02-16 (Installed a CA4054 into a 2008 F-150)

  • "Thank you for your help! The remote start works great! Your text tech support was awesome! 5 out of 5 stars!" Jacob D. 08-28-2016 (Installed CA5554 VSS into a Chevrolet Duramax 2500HD)

  • "HI Derek. I received excellent assistance from Bob via chat this evening and wanted to let you know that he not only answered my questions but provided links to additional information that saved me a lot of time figuring out what was installed 14 years ago in my "new" used vehicle. As a result, I’ve ordered two remotes. I asked Bob for his manager’s email because he provided outstanding service. Thank you. Oh, and please consider giving him Sundays off? Mark A. 08-16-2016
  • "To Mr. Derek Weber, received that code alarm remote you sold me last Friday and I just wanted to let you know I had it programmed within a few minutes. I didn't know about the systems programming button or valet switch. I called your tech support and a technician gave me a crash course over the phone on what they were used for and how to use them. Very nice guy that was very helpful. Will do business again." Mel.
  • "Great support, I had the remote programmed in less than 3 minutes. I found it better to deal with your company that actually installed these systems and knows what to do beyond the standard instructions if you run into any difficulties than saving $5 bucks buying a discounted remote off of Amazon. Your tech support was prompt, very knowledgeable, courteous, and patient while I fumbled around under my dash. I will be bringing any and all services needed regarding my system to you in the future. Thank you." Frank.
  • "To tech support: OK good news. I made the wiring change you suggested and everything works great. I've only remote started the vehicle 6 or 7 times so far but its looking good. I'll continue using the remote start over the week to give it a good test. Thanks for your help which turned out to be spot on. Many thanks"
  • "To the best non-salesperson in America, Let me begin by saying I have had the most fun in my recent nonpurchase of a Code Alarm remote!  You are a most amazing person and I have felt like we have been good friends forever notwithstanding the fact that I did not purchase the remote. On a more serious note, I have never found a more professional and knowledgeable person in any of my other purchases than you!  All salespeople should possess the corporate knowledge of their products as you do.  And they all should have the wonderful personality you bring to your product and position. While I eventually did not purchase the remote, you stepped up and graciously allowed me to return it to you. That my friend is true customer focus and service!! And along the way, we had a few laughs. Derick, you are one AWESOME individual, and be rest assured I will come back to only you my friend should I lose my remote again! Your one and only favorite non-purchaser (LOL) Dave."
  • "Received help yesterday from one of your guys in tech support, he helped me program a remote over the phone that I bought off of ebay that came with programming instructions that weren't very clear and offered no technical support. Just wanted to send out a big thank you to him and next time I will definitely order a remote thru your company"  Amanda.
  • "Your service is awesome! Your "txt a tech" service is something every company that offers tech support should have! In one tx I quickly found out which remote I needed, and on a Saturday evening yet! Thank you, guys." Doug.
  • "I would like to thank your company for such quick service and proficiency along with friendly demeanor. I give you five stars in all aspects of my transaction." Eppie M.
  • "The best site to purchase a replacement remote for your code alarm system. This is the only site I found that actually shows how much of an item they have in stock and that they actually do stock it!! and it was delivered in 4 days from the day I ordered it. I ordered a remote from another site that comes to find out didn't stock it and took 3 weeks for them to even acknowledge me of the status of my order, I finally just canceled the order. Thank you Derek for all your help." Patricia A.
  • "Just wanted to thank tech support for all their help today. I am really glad I found your site on car alarms. You had the remote I needed plus I was able to get the owner's manual that I didn't get when I had the alarm installed. Thanks again and I know who to call if I ever need help again." Tammy.
  • "Mr. Derek Weber - just a word of gratitude, nice system, flawless operation, no problems. 4th system from you and it only gets better! Thanks, man, use me as a reference." Carlo.
  • "You'll have to post this testimonial! Everyone: this company's people are sincerely cool and dedicated. I don't get much time off from work and needed a replacement remote for my code alarm system that I ran through the washing machine (well, my wife did) anyways, without realizing it was Sunday, I called code alarm remotes and  Bob answered, I told him what was up and he asked me a few questions and figured out which remote I needed, so I placed an order for one over the phone with him (actually 2, one for a spare)...after chatting for a few minutes, I realized it was Sunday and asked if he worked a lot of Sundays and he said "no, were not open on Sundays, I just stopped here at the shop to vacuum out my van and the phone rang"...need I say more!" Ron D.
  • "Thank you again for all your tech support help. The availability of your staff made this installation possible. Derek Weber helped me troubleshoot a difficult problem and never once lost patience with me. I recommend your company to all I know" Cheers, George.
  • "I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that Bob was a pleasure to deal with, he accepted my return of a remote I purchased a little more than a week after the 30-day return policy was up. After finding the time, it ended up being that the old system in my car was damaged from an accident and not just need a new remote. Thank you and I would definitely come back for your service if needed."  Ronald W.
  • "Nice set-up, very easy to follow installation instructions, very happy with the system." Nicalo G.
  • The tech's here know their stuff! I installed my system in under 3 hours, the installation manual made it a pleasure to do. I'm thinking about doing my other vehicle soon. I highly recommend it!! Tom G. PS: I almost couldn't find you guy's since the website name changed. Glad it's still the same staff!
  • "Long story short, I bought a used car with an old code alarm system in it and it was acting up after some maintenance was done preventing the car from starting. I called the manufacturer to try to get some fix for it but no luck except how to disconnect the system, then I called and spoke to Derek and within 10 minutes on the phone, he guided me on how to re-set the system and find the problem. My car started right up and I bought the $12.00 part I needed + an extra remote. Derek saved me from having to replace the whole system as the manufacturer suggested. Excellent company & service, they really know their product." Ed from Chicago, IL.
  • "Thanks, I got it done. Absolutely problem-free so far...the vehicle specific ready set-up saved me a lot of time and footwork." Regards, Mike. (Installed a CA-6554 into a 2010 Chevy Avalanche LTZ 4X4)
  • "I have purchased from your company before and have nothing but praise for the product and service I received." Steven C.
  • "Just got done installing my first car starter. I have had them installed before for me, all for $450. Your instructions were great, took me a while but got it in and it all works great. Thanks a million, you guys are the best." Michael F.
  • "Just wanted to let you know that we finally got the remotes to work. I followed your recommendations and got the location of a nearby authorized dealer from the code alarm folks. (well, "nearby" is an understatement. But it's nearer than coming up to Michigan!). They found that there was a bad wire in the programming button assembly. Once they fixed it they were able to program the remotes with no problem. So thanks for your patience, all of the phone time you spent trying to help me sort this out was appreciated!" Best, Mrs. Kirk.
  • "I just wanted to say thank you! I received my order and installed my remote starter keyless entry system this past Saturday. It took me about 3 1/2 to 4 hours to complete but well worth it. Your instructions were very detailed and worked like a charm. Keep up the good work!" Ismael F. (Installed a CA-5550SST into a 2012 Nissan Frontier)
  • "Problem has been solved with my alarm. Both remotes had to be reprogrammed. I appreciate your quick responsiveness and great customer service. Thanks for your help." Mike C.
  • "Just finished installing a CA-5153 system on my daughter's 2010 Ford Focus SE. This is my 5th system from your company and the level of instruction and guidance continues to improve with each system that I buy. An excellent buying experience, and excellent instructions! Keep up the good work!" Matt K.
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy delivery of my 2-way replacement remote. Thank you, very happy with your service." Samuel S.
  • "Derek is the best! But let me start from the beginning. The sales staff helped me find the correct replacement remote fob for my remote start system. They knew exactly what to ask and gave me the confidence to know that I was ordering the right part. Once I received the products I had some difficulty programming the fob, but Derek (a member of their support staff) walked me through each step. Thanks."
  • "Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick email. I just finished installing my remote starter system into my truck. I want to thank you for making the installation so simple and that everything works great. I did have a question for the tech support and they responded very quickly and had immediate answers to my questions. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas." Phillip C. (Installed a CA-4054 into a 2012 Ford F-150)
  • "Just wanted to say you guys have a great product and the instructions were very clear, I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the great remote starter. I would recommend you to anyone. A+." Justin
  • "Hey Derek & Jake, thanks for all the insight and I will be purchasing another system from you guys soon." Tom H.
  • "Best system I did myself yet. It's good to get a system that's got everything you need to install it and the installation instructions are the best I've ever used. Keep up the good work! I will be buying again this winter." Jerry C.
  • "Absolutely a great product (remote starter). Took a couple of hours to wire and ran the first time with no issues. The instructions are detailed and take you step by step and provide testing instructions to double-check that you have the right connection...will recommend to anyone...Thanks." Mike K.
  • "Hello customer support: Thanks for doing a great job with my order, which I just received today. I appreciate your accuracy, efficiency, and in-depth knowledge of auto alarm products. I will definitely order from your company in the future. Best regards." Brent B.
  • "THANK YOU VERY MUCH Bob for all your help with getting my alarm working, it works great now...I will make sure to buy from you again and recommend you to all my friends!!!" Josh S.
  • "Thank you very much. The alarm we purchased from your company a couple of years ago works great. We love it. The transmitter gave up on us but I use it every day and I have dropped it often and it still stood up to the beatings. It lasted close to two years with abuse and scratches. Thank you for the fast response and service. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day." Steven M.
  • ""I received both my remotes starters and have installed the one on my old Buick. I would like to say that your instructions and system were the most complete I have ever seen. Everything went real smoothly. Thank you for such a great product. I am looking forward to several years of use out of both units." Ken W.
  • "Just emailing you guys a note to thank you for the great service. The system installed flawlessly with the Flashlogic bypass kit on my ol' 2006 Sierra. The installation instructions were exact and the bypass programmed easily. I highly recommend the product and service!" Chuck R. PS: If anyone would like to know the same kits instructions covers all GM Pick-Ups and SUV's 2003 thru 2006 (and 2007 pick-ups with the old body style only) 
  • "Great service and great product, thanks again"  Brian C.
  • "...great website to purchase from. I really like the live emails sent after purchase and the status emails I received telling me my order was going to be shipped all within 2 days of my purchase. Many websites just send you automated emails only and you don't know anything further until or if it's going to arrive. A real pleasure! Thank you." Dotie in NY
  • "Absolutely the best attitude, product support, and service I have ever dealt with from any company! Don't believe me? Just call them. I highly recommend it. Thanks, Derek, you were a great help! (post this)." Al J. in NJ.
  • "This company is GREAT! Tech support is unbelievable. Had a little "snafu" and Derek came thru with flying colors. Mr. Weber with his expertise found the problem. Highly recommend and will purchase another system for my Toyota in the future. Thank again, Derek "you're the man". Ron (again) in New Jersey.
  • "I am very very satisfied with the service I received from your company. I placed an order and was notified from start to finish of the order and shipping. The vehicle-specific ready system is great. My tech will love it. You guys are fantastic and I will order from you again and recommend you highly to all that I know. Thanks again, you guys are great." T.P. in Lafayette, LA
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