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Viper 412V Remote Keyless Entry System

   Viper© Vehicle Specific Ready Auto Alarm w/Remote Keyless Entry   

Available in the Vehicle Specific System (VSS) Platform for Over 500 Different Years, Makes, and Models of Vehicles!

The Viper© brand has been the world's best selling aftermarket keyless entry, vehicle security and remote starter systems for decades. Choose what the Pro's use! The Viper brand has been known for nearly 40 years throughout the automotive aftermarket industry for providing cutting-edge technology that produces the highest quality components and features you can count on every time.

Viper Vehicle Specific Remote Keyless Entry System
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  • All Entrance Alarm Protection
  • Vehicle Specific Ready for Over 500 Years, Makes, & Models of Vehicles
  • Includes Two 4-Button Remotes (One button is on the side of the remote)
  • Shock/Impact Sensor
  • Up to 1300' of Range
  • Siren or Horn Honk Choice
  • Silent Lock & Unlock Choice
  • Illuminated Entry
  • Illuminated Exit
  • Ignition Controlled Door Lock & Unlocking
  • Panic Mode
  • Flashing Parking Lights
  • ESP2© Clone-Safe© Code-Hopping© Remotes
  • Power Trunk/Hatch Activation
  • 2-Step Driver Door Priority Unlock (Not applicable to all vehicles*)
  • Viper XR Plus© RF Receiver
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty (1-Year on Remotes)



Vehicle Compatibility Guarantee - How it Works:
While placing an order for any one of our VSS (Vehicle Specific System) keyless entry system's you will be asked to indicate exactly what year, make, and model of vehicle your planning to install the system into, then within 1 hour (during posted hours), one of our technicians will check your order for vehicle compatibility and promptly send you a vehicle compatibility confirmation email.

In the rare event that the Viper RKE system is not compatible to your specific vehicle, you will also be notified within this time, and your payment will be immediately released directly back to your source of payment (until a technician confirms vehicle compatibility, your payment is only payment availability approved/captured and not fully processed).


 Includes Step-by-Step, System-to-Vehicle Specific Installation Guide: 
Includes a clear and concise step-by-step installation manual that indicates exactly what wire from the system connects to what wire in the vehicle, where the wire is located in the vehicle and how to confirm that you found the correct wire using the kits supplied LED style test probe.

Includes LED Style Test Probe:
No need for cumbersome multimeter's that indicate voltage level's that can confuse polarity readings and require the use of two probes and a bare spot on the wire in order to take a reading. Each of our VSS kits include's an easy to use LED style test probe to use with the step-by-step vehicle specific installation manual. This test probe simplifies the procedure of testing for the correct wire in your vehicle by lighting a green or red LED to indicate the target wire's polarity (explained in each step of the vehicle specific install manual).

Includes Vehicle Specific Extras:
Any needed extra relays w/relay harness (Power trunk, 3rd Accessory etc.), diodes, resistors, voltage inverters, etc. needed for your specific vehicle, with the additional installation information, will also be included. All vehicle specific needed parts and information guaranteed!

Includes Installation Connector Kit:
Every system includes 4 different size's of quick-connect "T-Tap" connectors:

The system's wiring harness comes prepped in cloth type electrical tape with pre-crimped male spade connectors on the ends of the wires for plugging into each wire from the system into the T-Taps you apply to the vehicle's wiring. Crimp caps are also included for connecting any wires end-to-end. Self-tapping screws and ground loop connectors are also pre-crimped to the wiring for making the chassis ground connection. Nylon zip ties are included for securing wiring, and final control module placement.

Vehicle Compatibility Guarantee: 
You will be asked to indicate the year, make and model of vehicle the system will be installed into during ordering. If in the rare event that one of our technicians finds that the system is not compatible to your specific vehicle, we will immediately void the order and promptly release your payment. 

Lifetime Technical Support: 
Have access to some of the most qualified installers in the industry 7 days a week. Each member of our technical support staff has a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience installing alarms, keyless entry and remote car starter systems. And with one of the largest support networks in the industry, our technicians can be directly contacted via phone, email, through our massage board, support forum and even by txt. With our wide-range of communication options, if you ever have a problem or question you can feel confident that you can easily contact someone in our technical support department.


  • 2 x 4-Button Remotes that will provide up to 1300' of Range. The remotes are powered by a 2 x CR2016 3-volt lithium batteries (Included and pre-loaded) that will last approximately one year under normal use. When the batteries begin to weaken, operating range will be reduced and the LED on the remote will dim.
  • Lock, Unlock and Activate Power Trunk or Hatch Release on Equipped Vehicles.
  • Flashes the Vehicle's Parking Lights when any of the Remote's Buttons are Pressed.
  • Illuminated Entry: The vehicle's domelights will illuminate for 30 seconds when the vehicle is unlocked using the remote. This is useful for seeing inside the vehicle at night prior to entering it (Optional, feature ON/OFF choice during checkout).
  • Illuminated Exit: The vehicle's domelights will automatically turn ON for 30 seconds when the vehicle's ignition is turned OFF (Optional, feature ON/OFF choice provided when ordering).
  • Silent Choice: This system is designed to work similar to some factory keyless entry systems and will not sound the horn when Locking/Unlocking with just one press. Press the same button twice for horn beep confirmation. Provides 1 beep for lock and 2 beeps for unlock.
  • Panic Mode: If you are threatened in or near your vehicle, you can attract attention by pulsing the vehicle's horn with your transmitter. Just press and hold the AUX for 2 seconds. In Panic Mode, the horn will honk and the parking lights will flash for 30 seconds. To stop the Panic Mode sooner, just press the AUX button again.
  • Ignition Switch-Controlled Door-Locking/Unlocking Choice: With this feature on, the doors will lock 3 seconds after the ignition is turned on, and unlock when the ignition is turned off. (Optional: The system can do both, just one, or none, choices provided during checkout).
  • 2-Step Driver Priority Unlocking (Not applicable to all vehicles): When applicable, the system has the ability to unlock just the driver's door with the first press of the remotes unlock button and unlock all the rest of the doors with a quick 2nd press.
  • Retained System Memory: In the event that the vehicle is serviced that required the vehicle's battery to be disconnected, the system will keep all of it's current settings, features, and remotes in memory. No need to reset the system or reprogram remotes!
  • Tri-Circuitry Protected: Two in-line standard automotive blade fuses and one on-board fuse are designed into the system for protection against most vehicle related electrical problems that could be encountered.
  • DIY New Remote Programming Button: In the future if you would ever need any additional remotes (system can operate with up to 4 remotes at a time) or replacing a defective or worn-out remote, you can easily program the new remote yourself using the system's programming button in under 30 seconds!
  • 3-Year System Warranty: 1-Year on Remotes.
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